Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miss Me?

I'm Back! Those first few posts (from long, long ago) were a little all over the place. And what feels like years later, I am still working on organizing my thoughts, if that's even possible. I played with the thought of deleting all posts before this one and maybe even this new one. But at the end of the day, these are all of my thoughts and all of my moments and I'd rather keep them where they lay.

So, here we go. New Post.

34 LIST FOR 34 (And a few more..It Was A Good Idea Though)
I've noticed (and truthfully lived a bit through) a lot of lists lately, especially this one.."Things to do Before Your __ Birthday" and I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Hello run-on sentence! Anyways...this is one of the many many things I hope to do with this blog is follow my progress with this list; the things I do, the things I don't, the things I decide not to do and the new things I add. We shall see.

1.      First and foremost:  Continue to get better at enjoying and embracing the small stuff.
2.      Finally start a food diary. For at least one month. Just so I can finally know what has been and is still causing my digestive issues.
3.      Visit museums in Los Angeles. At least LACMA and MOCA. I have seen the Getty though, promise.
4.      Regularly volunteer: Suicide Prevention, LGBT Rights, Abortion, Drinking/Driving Prevention. I'm sure I'll think of more.
5.      Do something crazy scary. Something I never thought I would do.
6.      Take classes, any classes.
7.      One quick road trip...preferably Santa Barbara or San Diego. How is it I've never visited either one after 8 years in Los Angeles?! Pathetic really.
8.      Begin, somehow, my collage business. Research at least.
9.      Start running again and enter at least one 5k marathon.
10.  Quite smoking.
11.  Talk to my doctor about planning for children. And I would love to figure out why I am more comfortable alone with kids than I am with having a partner. That sounds weird.
12.  Write. Blog, Journal, Novel, Letters, whatever it may be.
13.  Backup everything on both of my computers. It would be devastating to lose my pictures, music, ideas, etc.
14.  Refinish one piece of furniture. At the very least, J's two-drawer thingie (white and then got ruined by the Christmas tree).
15.  Really build a savings account.
16.  Take one Angel's Flight and visit Amoeba Records (Both Los Angeles things so I figure I can put them together).
17.  Take a cheesy L.A. tour...Hollywood, Homes of the Stars, etc.
18.  Get my freakin' passport!!! I want to get out of this country at least once. Hopefully I can get back in.
19.  Plan this year's visit(s) to Missouri and Kansas. I miss home quite a bit lately.
20.  Debt Consolidation, is that what it's called? I just need to figure out a plan to dig myself out of the hole that ironically...I dug in the first place. Nothing major, just want a plan. Budget.
21.  Buy a car! Whether new or used, just a car that works. And therefore mourn the car that took me to Colorado and then one year later, to my dream...California. RIP Red Rocket.
22.  Get a massage and a bikini wax. Painful firsts, but necessary.
23.  Develop a schedule.
24.  Build my Avon business. Like how I stuck the selfish promotion right in the middle of things?
25.  Finally get my second tattoo...and maybe a third...and fourth. We shall see.
26.  Sing one song somewhere. Other than a karaoke bar.
27.  Go to a rave/DJ show.
28.  Ride my bike down to the beach, spread a blanket, eat really good snacks, read and spend all day there.
29.  At least one more volleyball game played against Jason. He’s too good at it now!
30.  Board Game night or Girls night. Or both.
31.  Learn how to clean/organize your house. So you don't keep having freak outs.
32.  Go to concerts. Little ones, Big ones, Medium ones. Just see music shows!
33.  Give up gossip sites.
34.  Learn to stand up straight.
35.  Really research bipolar and bring it to the world.
36.  Go snowboarding. Hell go skiing. Even thought you sucked at it. Just get back on the mountain and take a snowboarding lesson.
37.  I'm going to Disneyland!
38.  Watch the sunrise and the sunset. Maybe in the same day!
39.  Just finish one project (maybe this one?)!
40.  Buy a real frog! I collect fake frogs and that’s just sad really.

And just so you know? I’ve read over this list a million times and changed it too many times to count. And I know for a fact it will change again. One of the many things I love about myself, always mixing up the plan. Now only have to stick to the plan and follow it through. Bless you, your loved ones and embracing the giggles at the little things in life!

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